Those who have visited Granada often agree in their own way of describing it: “It is a city with magic”. Under the watchful eye of the Sierra Nevada, an amalgam of Moorish or Andalusian style houses and more or less modern buildings spreads over the valley.


A Unique Place

An early morning walk up to the Alhambra, known as the eighth wonder of the world and a World Heritage Site, is the best thing to do in Granada.

Situated at the top of al-Sabika hill with the Sierra Nevada in the background, this imposing complex of beautiful palaces, gardens and an Andalusian-style fortress was built by order of the Nasrid King Muhammad ben al-Ahmar in 1238 and after the Christian reconquest it went from housing the emir and the court of the Nasrid Kingdom to becoming the royal residence of Castile, as well as undergoing several alterations and extensions.



The Albaicín, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the oldest and most charming neighbourhood to see in Granada.
This neighbourhood, which stretches from San Miguel hill to Elvira street, is ideal for getting lost in its labyrinthine narrow streets in which the Arab essence remains and finding its most charming corners.



The Paseo de los Tristes, located between the Alhambra and the Albaicín, bordering the Darro River, is another of the most beautiful places to visit in Granada.
Although it is officially the Paseo del Padre Manjón, it is popularly known as the Paseo de los Tristes because it used to be the way to the cemetery of San José.
Nowadays this beautiful walk through the heart of Granada, located between the Arab bridges of Las Chirimías and Aljibillo, has several points of interest such as the sculpture of the dancer Mario Maya, the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo and above all, the Casa de Castril, a fantastic 16th century Renaissance house with a curious walled balcony that hides a legend.



Known as the gypsy quarter and one of the most charming places to see in Granada.
One of the great experiences this neighbourhood has to offer is to enter one of its famous caves at sunset to enjoy a zambra, a gypsy fiesta in which flamenco is sung and danced.



Located in the upper part of the Albaicín neighbourhood, the Mirador de San Nicolás is the most popular viewpoint in Granada because it has the best views of the Alhambra with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the background.
The best time to get to the viewpoint is just before sunset to sit on the wall and wait for the sun to set, while the city lights up.
If it is very crowded you can go to the Placeta de los Carvajales, which offers excellent views of the Alhambra and the Generalife, or go into the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Granada, which has a more peaceful view of the Alhambra.